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Sustaining the Momentum: Finding from a Study of Implementation Factors and Sustainability


This paper addresses the following claim(s):

"The SLT structure was based on the premise that the summer institute experiences would develop participants' content expertise and the leadership skills, which would in turn enable each SLT to implement an effective reform plan that results in improved teaching and learning and improved student achievement in mathematics. To accomplish this, each SLT conducted monthly professional development activities with the larger group of teachers of mathematics in each participating school. TDG developed a number of professional learning tasks from which the SLT could use to address the needs of the teaching staff in each school. The professional learning tasks provide flexibility to fit the contest within the school while providing enough structure to keep the participants focused on improving student learning. This session will address the following questions: 1) to what extent did the this model result in improved student achievement in mathematics and 2) to what extent did school continue to implement the school-based activities beyond the initial professional development provided by the OMLI project?"