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Interweaving Content and Pedagogy in Teaching and Learning to Teach: Knowing and Using Mathematics


"Solving these three problems--what teachers need to know, how they have to know it, and helping them learn to use it--by grounding the problem of teachers' content preparation in problems and sites of practice, could help to close the gaps that have plagued progress in teacher education. But we should realize the challenges that doing this would pose. After all, Dewey thought his vision at the turn of the the 20th century was imminently realizable. He thought that what he was describing was "nothing utopian." He suggested that, "the present movement ...for the improvement of range ad quality of subject matter is steady and irresistible" (Dewey, 1904/1964, p. 170). One hundred years later, as we stare at university and college catalogs that divide "methods" courses from disciplinary studies from practica, or at professional developent offerings that are devoid of content or chock full of activities for kids, we should understand that bridging these strangely divided pracitices will be no small feat."